The Well Life Project“The impact that Ash had on my life was so invigorating. I had tried so many ‘quick fix’ solutions to get my energy back after hitting repeated ‘burnouts’ from a crazy work-life balance. I now know how to incorporate the changes that will make a difference in my life in years to come – and haven’t had a sick day in years! That has to be a sign of how awesome the program is!”  Hayley.


The Well Life Project“My energy and ‘self love’ has grown so much since the program. I’ve since moved into a new career path which I LOVE, I have kept off the 5kg for the past 6months and feel confident that my life is heading in the direction that is best for me. I couldn’t of asked anything more of Ash’s program. Thanks chick!”. Sammy.

The Well Life Project

“Working with your over these past months has been 100% a breath of fresh air. I am so appreciative of the changes that you have made to my life.”  Colleen.


“Ashlee has fantastic interpersonal skills and is able to connect with children, teenagers The Well Life Projectand adults. She has a warm personality and has a very positive attitude towards life. The knowledge that she is able to pass onto others is invaluable.”  Tracey.


The Well Life Project“Ashlee is extremely passionate about improving the wellbeing of others. She has been instrumental in creating positive change to our whole family. She is engaging, professional and an outstanding educator.” Airlie. 
The Well Life Project“Ash has such a warm and infectiously positive energy in all of our sessions. I always felt so supported and comfortable in sharing my hurts and challenges. I got to the end of my first program and decided I didn’t want to live without her – so I signed up to my second!”. Beck.
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