Put your hands up if you have ever had an awesome idea, a dream, a goal that gave you a feeling of butterflies that lifted you with exuberance out of bed in the morning?

Put your hand up if the closer you got to reaching your goal, the further it seemed – to the point where you gave up?
Yes – I completely relate! And I know that there are many of you who would feel the same way.
It  can be quite exhausting and leave you feeling flat and burnt out to have ‘all these grand plans’ in the forefront of your mind, but then over-think them to the point that they become too hard or with too many obstacles for it to be realistic.

Sometimes rather than being REASONS for not being able to reach our goal, we think of EXCUSES – both internally and externally.Sometimes these excuses aren’t even real – they may be fed to us by the media, through speaking with other people (and the ‘reasons’ or excuses that have prevented them from reaching their goal), or perhaps it is something that is subconsciously in our thought processes from something our parents or another said to us a child.
More often than not – these are NOT real, and unfortunately are destructive; keeping many of  us from doing what we are really capable of.

In actual reality – these thought processes form the actions we do to get  ourselves closer to where we want to be or what we want to be doing. These are the very often (and I do understand that sometimes certain things  are simply difficult or unattainable at THIS point in time) only thoughts and the excuses or boundaries we place in front of ourselves. So – in fact, it is US that are holding ourselves back!

Think about some of the following ‘excuses’ and see if they resonate in you?

1) You’re not smart enough.
There is no reason why you should be any less capable than anyone else. So you haven’t been to the best uni course, or even finished school – did you know that some of the most successful people have come from backgrounds where school was almost a ‘non – event’ or was the most horrible academic experience of their lives!) My brother and best friend are two examples who I admire greatly.
Both only just finished year 12 (very disinterested in the whole idea of study and school). My brother now runs his own successful arbor business and makes more money than a lot  of people I know, and my best friend has gone on to complete her PHD in exercise science focusing on altitude  training and elite athletes. Don’t get me wrong – it hasn’t always been the easy road for them – but it just shows you that if you have drive and passion, you can do a ‘hell of a lot’ with your life!

2) You’re too young.
Just think about the guys who developed Facebook and Myspace and even google – these guys certainly weren’t in the older age bracket  when they become leaders in the business and finance world! If you’re keen, and willing to learn from everything around you – you’re probably much more receptive and able to grow and be THE BEST in your chosen field than someone who is older and quite often stale or set in their ways within their industry. Ever heard of the saying – ‘Fresh and new talent’?
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3) You haven’t been to university.
Again – think back to my first point! There is ALWAYS a way to around it. Experiences, ideas, commitment and passion get you a long way in any field of work. Even if you wanted to go to university down the track – this IS possible!

4) You don’t have what it takes.
If you are  willing to work hard to ‘have what it takes’ – then here’s some words of advice – you HAVE what it takes! Most people fall by the wayside and don’t want to compromise, sacrifice or put in the hard work to get them to where they want to be. If you do – you have just put yourself a head in front of MANY. Just remember to stay focused on the stuff that matters and let go of some of the things that don’t.

5) You haven’t ‘done your time’.
To some extent and in some industries this is true – but you know what, if that is where you want to be, there will be a few small sacrifices you can make to STILL get there (and gain the experience along the way). Experiences also don’t mean the same for every person. you might be in your workplace for five years and not move forward fro your current role, compared to someone who has been in it for two years and have brought forward several new ideas to achieve and add value to their organisation. Put yourself out there and have a go at  trying a few of those ‘great ideas’ inside that head of yours!

6) You’re unskilled.
Have you had a look at the hundreds (even thousands) of training organisations and volunteer opportunities on the internet recently? Get out there and ‘up-skill’. They don’t always have to cost money either. Simply volunteering at an organisation in the industry you want can be incredibly helpful. Keep yourself ‘read up’ on new trends in the industry you want to be in.

7) You don’t have the money to make it happen.
Have a closer look at your weekly spending – what do your really NEED? What do you WANT? (Think buying lunches and dinners, coffees, Foxtel, clothes……). Many courses or business start  ups come from either borrowing money or simply starting on a smaller scale until the business/goal builds to a point where they can continue to grow it. You don’t go out and buy a million dollar inner city house for your first home do you? No – but if you’re smart about your money, in years to come you will. Loans can be an option if you are willing to work the money back and look closely at where you can keep costs low.

8) I’m not ready to make a change.
Who is ever ready??! Most of us fight change and resist change because it is new and uncomfortable. If we need to change something – it is usually because whatever we are doing NOW is no longer working for us. Yes, it will take courage, persistence, energy and commitment – but think about your future and your life happiness. If you aren’t where you want to be – what do you need to change to get yourself there?
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9) What if it doesn’t work out?
“But oh – what if it does!”. Think about your vision. How will it look, feel, sound when you reach your goal. What will change if you reach your goal? There is no point in letting something you desire NOT happen because you are afraid of something that has NEVER even happened? If worst case scenario it doesn’t work – you will deal with it. The most  successful people are those who have tried to build their dreams, fallen and learnt from the experience to build something BIGGER. Use the resources around you to help fine tune what you need to do differently and to get through it.

So – Think about the excuses that  are  currently stopping you from doing the things you dream about or want to do.
What can you do/think differently to get the result you want in the future?
What resources do you need to help you get there?

Need some extra guidance?

Get in touch babe!!!



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