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  “Because success should never be determined by your inner critic”

 Ashlee Walsh

Success and self – worth coaching for over-achievers

One on One Coaching

Does this sound like you babe…….

  • Constantly exhausted and feeling over-whelmed?
  • Over analyzing, over-thinking, over-extending yourself ALL the time?
  • Taking aim for new goals and challenges but feeling like you can never quite reach your target?
  • Feel like when you’re on the ‘right track’ – you self sabotage and end up running from your dreams?
  • And then……Sick of the emotional and physical burnout that follows?
  • Indecisive about EVERYTHING?
  • Tossing and turning thinking about those ‘to-do lists’ every time you ‘hit the pillow’?
  • Catching every ‘office’ bug going around?
  • Suffering from I.B.S (Bloating, constipation, diarrhea)
  • Irregular menstrual cycle or fertility issues?
  • Constantly caught up in the comparison trap and never feeling ‘good enough’?
  • Dyeing to share your AMAZING-NESS with the world but petrified of it not being enough for this incredibly abundant world?

Well let me tell you – this is not NORMAL.

Did you know that to be successful, you actually don’t need to burn yourself into the ground?

Did you also know that you CAN heal yourself back to vitality without having to completely stop and head to a secluded health retreat a 10 hour flight away??

Because let’s be honest – YOU’RE A BUSY, SUCCESSFUL & HIGH ACHIEVING WOMAN with family, work and social commitments to attend to who doesn’t have the time to do that!

Babe – you have the ability to do or be ANYONE so let’s get you on your way to being successful, without the burnout!!!

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Why this program is PERFECT for you……

Because I’ve been exactly where you are RIGHT NOW.

I’ve created this program based on experience.

I’ve done the hard work already and will support you through every obstacle you come across while also challenging you to go beyond your own limiting beliefs.

I’ve been in that high pressure, high achieving (some might say ‘over-achieving’!) successful career & then figured out how to change my life to make it so much bloody better – to fit in with my lifestyle AND YOURS.

I know how a high achieving, perfectionist thinks, acts & feels, because I am one.

I know how hard it is to be feeling flat, exhausted, always fatigued, sick and ‘stuck’ in that vicious cycle you are in now and how much better, more energising, empowering it is once you get control of the areas that contribute the symptoms which are distracting you from being the BEST version of you.


So – How will this look throughout the program…….

– 1x Initial goal setting and ‘get to know you consult’ session (45mins)

– 4x weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions (45mins)

– A copy of my ‘Perfectly She Kick start’ e-book,

– A copy of my ‘3 recipes to improve focus, balance hormones & boost your energy e-book’ to get you started while you wait eagerly for the first session in your journey to HEALTH, SUCCESS and a NEW INSPIRED LIFE.

**All sessions are held over Skype/Zoom (so yes – you can definitely wear your matching tracksuit or PJ’s, or be eating your bowl of oats on the way to work during the call!!!).


– Receive email contact at ANY time from me.

– Be the first to know about live workshops and events, as well as a 15% discount on them ALL forever! 

‘Perfectly She Sisterhood rates’…….If you sign up with a friend – I’ll happily give you BOTH $50 off the package price – because two is always better than one!

How much are you investing into yourself?

So – you can pay this up-front for $259 AUD 

or, in monthly installments of 3 x $95 AUD.


So – Let’s book in a time to chat (no obligations, just a chance for us to chat to see if we could be a good match to work together, and to discuss how this would work in YOUR life) to get things started.

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School Programs

The biggest growth occurs in our youth, particularly our teenage years – which is why I am so incredibly passionate about making sure the young beauties of today are taught how to tackle ‘perfectionism’ and ‘high-achiever syndrome’ in a healthy way.

A trained and experienced Physical Education and Health Teacher, with extra study in Adolescent Counselling and Health/Wellness Coaching – I have developed extensive tools to be used in a school setting.

Sessions are innovative, dynamic, practical and hands on to ensure that every student leaves with a ‘bag of tricks’ they can use in years to come!

NossalHS workshop
Nossal High School workshop

Topics are tailored but include:

  • Healthy living (Nutrition, Exercise, Mindset)
  • Stress management (Mindfulness, meditation, movement)
  • Self esteem/self worth
  • Body image
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Goal setting

Contact Ash directly to enquire about the best option for your students.


Some of my gorgeous school experiences include:
Ivanhoe Grammar School                                                
Nossal High School
Sacre Coeur Girls School                                                  
Gleneagles Secondary College
Craigeiburn Secondary College